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The most inspiring personality for the youngsters
Get to know about Hammer of Thor

The most inspiring personality for the youngsters

There are a lot of people who are so successful in their life; these people are the role models for the younger generations. One can find a lot of inspiring personalities all across the globe; one among such highly inspiring personality is the Blake Charles Goldring who is the Canadian business leader, entrepreneur and the philanthropist. He is also the chairman as well as the chief executive officer of the AGF management. The AGF management is the Investment firm that is based in Canada. He is also the chairman of the Canadian company which is popularly called the Many Ways to serve; this company has been founded in 2006 which is actually started in order to support the military of Canada and the families. The inspiration for many people across the world is the blakegoldring thus, everyone makes him their role model and are following his path to reach the success in their individual life. Blake lives with his wife and three daughters in Toronto, he is the kind of person who enjoys spending a lot of time in playing the outdoor games like golf, fishing and tennis after finishing his day to day work activities.

Contributions to the professional life:

Blake Charles Goldring has engaged himself in various professions that include the following:

  • He is the director of the Howe Institute
  • He acts as the Canadian council member of chief executives.
  • He acts as the world president’s organization member
  • He is the ad hoc research committee member
  • He also acted as the council member of leadership in the Toronto financial services.

Some of the community services that are offered by the blake:

The most inspiring personality blake golding has even participated in the various community services that include the following:

  • He is the chairman of the sunny brook health science center
  • He also acts as the director of the film center which is located in Canada
  • He is the Canadian company chairman
  • He is also the governor of the Toronto club based in Toronto
  • He is the International alumni council of president’s member.
  • He is also the member of the advisory board which is present in the Ivey school of business.


Get to know about Hammer of Thor

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hammer of Thor

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