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What’s Up With Spring Energized Seals?

What’s Up With Spring Energized Seals?

Spring energized seals are primarily used in situations involving high speeds and wide temperature ranges. Spring energized seals are high performance seals that are able to work with a wide range of applications and perform well with corrosive media, unlike many seals on the market.

One of the key components of spring energized seals is the spring, who would have guessed, right? Depending on the application of the spring energized seal, the spring may be in a high speed or high pressure environment and may not perform as well as another spring load under those other conditions.

At low pressures, the seal boosts sealability. At higher system pressures, the seal is pressure-energized by the fluid. offering a sealing combination that ensures scalability through the entire pressure range in an application.

If your machine deals with chemical attacks, extreme cold or heat, high friction, or compression then a spring energized seal may be the right type of seal for you. If you’re not sure then you can read the Spring Energized Seal Guide by Gallagher Fluid Seals, Inc. The SE Seal Guide is just one of Gallagher’s many guide book resources that they have available on their website.

This detailed 28 page resource guide covers rod & piston seals, materials to consider, preliminary considerations, the different types of spring energized seals, and a general overview on spring energized seals.

Gallagher is one of the leading companies in the fluid seals industry with global distributions and manufacturing of seals. They proudly have the best-in-class engineering team in the industry and work closely with their customers to provide a quality service that ensures the durability, efficiency, and safety of applications.

If you need help designing the spring energized seal your facility needs, then it’s recommended to contact the expert engineers over a Gallagher to assist you in the process.


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