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Live ticking for your live updates

Live ticking for your live updates

Football has been around for a long time and has garnered a lot of avid fans throughout the years. It’s really undeniable that you can easily fall in love with football and that is one of the reasons that football has some of the best fans in any competitive team sport in the world.

It is without a doubt that football fans are very passionate about the sport and will do almost anything just to watch their favourite teams play live every time, although there are always several unexpected instances wherein they can’t.

 Luckily though, there are also a few fans that share their sentiments and these fans just happen to be app developers so they took it to themselves to develop an app with a liveticker so that they and other fans can keep themselves updated of the games whenever they can’t watch it, and that’s how Live Football Bundesliga came to be.


All the live news you’ll ever need

If ever you are in a predicament wherein you can’t go see a game that you want to see, this app will be the one to get you through the agony of not being able to see the game. It offers you real time updates during the game which is possible by its comprehensive live ticker that updates you as the game goes on. You’ll be updated with every play, every call the referee has made, every penalty and every score made (or missed), this way you won’t get to miss out on the excitement even though you can’t actually see the game.

Updates to everything Bundesliga

Aside from the wonderful function of live updates, the app also gives you daily news updates of all the latest news you’d want to know about the league, your favourite team as well as every other team in the league and your favourite players too! Keep yourself updated with every latest news that’s happening in and out of the league with this app.

Videos, replays and more

Aside from the fact that you get all the updates you might need, the app offers you a few other features you might find interesting such as being able to watch highlights of the past games and watch your favourite teams relive the glory of victory, watch exclusive player interviews as well as a few behind the scene footages the developers threw in for good measure. You can also see the current standing of each team in the league as well as their future matches, giving you an idea on what match you should go to, to say the least.

All in all, Live Football Bundesliga is an app truly made by football fans for football fans. It is an app that any Bundesliga fan should have in his or her mobile phone or tablet. This app just gets better and better since it’s always maintained and updated and also free to download at the Google app store. Yes, football fans, this wondrous app is free for all of you to download and is compatible for all android devices with operating systems that are ver. 4.0.3 and above.

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